Antimicrobial Stewardship Courses

Incorporating Procalcitonin Testing in Sepsis and Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Protocols

This course is intended for healthcare workers involved in antimicrobial ordering, dispensing, administration, and monitoring.

The course consists of a video clip presentation (including patient case examples) with audio. View the video and complete the follow up questions at the end of the presentation.

The course will take approximately 35-40 minutes to complete. You should complete this course in one sitting – progress through the video cannot be saved and returned to at a later time. You cannot move onto the quiz until the time for the video has passed even if you try to skip ahead. You may pause the video at any time if needed. If you exit the module, you can only restart the timer for the video from the beginning.

The intent of this presentation is not to specifically promote or discourage the use of procalcitonin, but rather to focus on how to employ procalcitonin as part of sepsis or lower respiratory tract infection protocols if it is going to be used at an individual facility.

Define procalcitonin and describe its mechanism in bacterial infection
List the appropriate uses or indications for procalcitonin testing in clinical practice
Describe the limitations of procalcitonin testing in regards to antimicrobial stewardship and patient outcomes
Compare and contrast patient scenarios to demonstrate the utility of procalcitonin testing

Intended Audience
This continuing education presentation is intended for any healthcare worker involved in antimicrobial ordering, dispensing, administration, and monitoring, which includes: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and allied health professionals.

Instructions for Completion
Complete the on-line course in order to successfully complete the course and receive credit for completion. Learners must demonstrate performance by achieving a minimum of 80% on the post-test. In addition, to be credited with completion, submit the evaluation form which follows the post-test. You may then print a certificate of completion for your records.

Presented By
This enduring material was developed and presented by the Duke Antibiotic Stewardship Outreach Network (DASON) and has no other corporate sponsorship.

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phone: 919-684-4560
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  • Procalcitonin Testing in Sepsis & Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Video:31:17
  • Test: Procalcitonin Testing in Sepsis & Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Evaluation: Procalcitonin Testing in Sepsis & Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever